English school in Laguna de Duero

Classic English is an English school with an educational philosophy that goes beyond “learning English to pass exams”. We have created an educational program with a forward-looking approach, starting from the most basic level (Pre A1), up to the highest and most professional level (C2), using methods supported by Cambridge. As a result, English is no longer seen as “a language I am forced to study”, but as a useful tool that can be used throughout the world.

We teach to everyone who wants to learn quality English, devoting the time and the effort necessary to do so. Integrated teaching is a part of our philosopy – we aim to teach and use English as a living language, and not just another subject. In addition, we are always willing to help with any doubts realating to English.

The atmosphere in our centre is one of fellowship and respect between the teachers, parents, and students, which is our true essence and what differentiates it from other schools.


Classic English is associated with ACLID (Asociación Castellano Leonesa de Idiomas) and is also a member of FECEI (Federación Española de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas).


We have appeared in:

El Norte de Castilla
Laguna al Día